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I’d like to add “free market economy”. Though I do believe in minimal regulation (as opposed to none)

America again

feeling patriotic, tumblr is my indulgence. found this on a random chinese blog:

5. What was the secret of its success? (America)

A combination of all of the factors you mentioned: 

Great natural resources
Immigration from all over the world
The energy of a people who believe they can do anything. 
Freedom to become whatever you want to be regardless of birth
Freedom to choose your leaders and vote on issues of concern
Belief in a “manifest destiny’

Looooool some jpop band. Ditches mealtime??? NEVER

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These are what I’ve been going to see while supposed to have been working… So far the British Museum, the V&A, South Kensington apartments, the Albert Memorial in Kensington Park, and of course the U.S. embassy. Seeing the U.S. embassy at the end made me laugh, simply because it reflected something about the states that I’ve realized over this trip. Our setup, the layout of our cities is so inferior to London, and our architecture suffers as well, but from the desire to be different. What’s not shown in the picture is that the U.S. embassy is surrounded by beautifully coordinating red brick towering buildings, complete with white trim. Walking to it feels like a movie set, everything looks so beautiful and neatly Victorian. Then you hit the ugly cement “modern” design of the U.S. embassy and it’s painfully clear that in building it, we sacrificed beauty for uniqueness. Shame. 

Even from abroad the American spirit still makes me tear up. It is intangible but still present, and this man proves it. 

"you’d be his… if only he’d call"

— wee small hours of the morning. not depressed or pining but thought it was a great quote when it came on the radio just now. we’ve all been there, and we’ll be there again.



I really gave myself the chuckles last night when I referred back to this classic cinema moment in order to dissuade a bootycall. Like I had to cover my mouth to keep from waking up the roommates. loooooooool

I went to occupy cal/robert reich speech last night, thankfully before the MASSES of people got there so I was towards the front. The thoughts going through my mind (besides the suppressed get jobs you hippies and jesus don’t you bathe) were that:

1. it’s funny to me that people/students/berkeleyites (because they really are different) can get so impassioned about an issue and yet not coherently be able to defend their position with facts (and in this case solutions). I blame my recent paper on Allan Bloom for these thoughts. 

2. Damn I go to a big school! It’s amazing to think that thousands of students walk the same little campus I do and each have a different relationship to it. Plus, as proven today by my run-ins with 3 of the 4 males I’ve had relationships in the past year with, even in a crowd of thousands life always throws you the ones you don’t want to see. (thank god I didn’t see the fourth, but seeing as he’s in England I’d be pretty freaked out if I did)

3. Public speaking. I kept trying to imagine what taking the mic would be like in front of a crowd like that (the most people I’ve seen in one place, ever) and really want to improve my public speaking skills. I imagine after a certain point the crowd becomes too big to comprehend and it would be equivalent to speaking to a crowd of say 100 people.